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Re: BlackHorn 209 powder? by SAWDUST » Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:42 pm FOOTER ,110 grains of 777 should be getting u around 1900 fps,,so 90-95 grains 0f blackhorn will get u about the same, as b.h. is a little hotter than 777. these figures are pretty close going by my chronograph.gotta figure bullet weight also as i use 240 grain. Apr 01, 2009 · Blackhorn 209 a sensational, new, black powder substitute. SYMYX LAUNCHES POWDERNIUM SV POWDER DISPENSE. A simple, rapid, automated solution for microbiological testing. BUY MORE SAVE MORE: Offer valid on purchases at through 11:59PM ET on 12/31/20. Use promo code MOREFORYOU to receive $20 off purchases $100.00 to $149.99, $40 off purchases $150.00 to $199.99, or $60 off purchases $200.00 or more. A 95 grain charge weight of Blackhorn 209 runs $1 per shot, also G. M. pricing. Above: Recoil in a 9 pound rifle, 300 grain saboted projectile. "Load One" a 4 pellet load, "Load Two" 95 grains by weight Blackhorn 209. Below is a representative .375 H & H load, also assuming a 9 pound rifle. Related products. Hodgdon H322 Quick view $ 62.99. In stock. CAMPRO 38/357 125 TC FCP 1000 Count Quick view $ 106.99. Available on backorder. CAMPRO 223 55gr SBT FMJ 500 Count Bad to the Bone Powder Pens Non Static Aluminum Pocket Clip Hold Max Loads for Blackhorn 209 "Cut-to-Length" Tube Water tight "O" Ring Seal Pack of Three Atmospheric Secure Accessories available; Contact Russell at 575 649 1269. Depending on the climate you live in, having powder cling (from static) to the inside of the powder hopper / powder measure tube can be annoying. This is especially the case when trying to empty the powder out of the tube. Fortunately, there is a simple reloading trick for controlling static in your powder tube. Just wipe the inside of tube with a clothes dryer towel (the kind thrown in the ...Get all of's best Celebrities lists, news, and more. Description The Blackhorn 209 Powder Funnel Spout Top for Pyrodex™ and Blackhorn 209™ cans makes filling flasks and powder measures quick and easy. The funnel cap is made from non-static, orange plastic resin and is made to fit directly onto the factory bottles you purchase.Sep 19, 2009 · Fired 3, 3 shot groups with the change of bullets and the Blackhorn 209. In each of the three groups, two of the shots made almost one hole and the largest group, center to center was just less than 3/4". I have to admit, I'm impressed with Blackhorn 209. Not having to swab between shots is great! Blackhorn 209 Barrel Decal .. $9.99 . Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Add to Compare. Blackhorn Jacket with Montana X-Treme logo (Style 1) Functional enough for the slopes, and stylish enough for the city, the Flight jacket is one of th.. $94.95 . Add to Cart ...To compare, I'll use a 300 grain muzzleloading projectile at 2000 fps, using a static BC of .200, a quite healthy load from any muzzleloader, generous in lethality but not in range. Using a 6 inch kill zone, the maximum point blank range is about 185 yards. @T72on1 -- Check out Dos, #42 on the character list in the first post. She was exactly that, but without wimping out to transition to OP Chaos and WW later. :p I called Dos an Aggressin in that table based on this guide by @maxicek that used that name. Dos was (very) loosely based on that guide... If you are looking for Dyson Fan Heater H2 Error And Dyson Fan Next Day Delivery About Us. At The Range we sell everything you could possibly need for your home, all at affordable and reasonable prices. We stock a huge range of furniture for every room in the house – so whether you’re looking to kit out a bedroom with a brand new bed and chest of drawers or living room with a comfy sofa for nights in front of the telly, you’re sure to find the perfect piece from us. #Exclusive for You #1 Popular price of Shop for cheap price 123 Grain 7 62x54r Ammo And 130gr 270 Ammo . 357, even using H-110, actually perform better with standard primers. 22 WMR, is often called the. 18857 "20 PRIMED CASES, CARTRIDGE CAL. 749-004-716WS Large Rifle Magnum Primers 1,000/Box. When I got my CVA I joined a muzzle loader forum to get some input as what to do with loads etc. 99% of the guys said go with Blackhorn 209, but get the Blackhorn Breach Plug and use CCI Magnum primers as Blackhorn needs a hotter primer...Mar 20, 2020 · With the static, generally wading through packs by the time I got to something it was already half-dead, unless it was lightning immune. Hell A2: The Arcane took as long as the rest of the act. If Amp went off from Saracen's, then of course moments later Life Tap would go off from the gloves or IM would then go off from Saracen's. Blackhorn 209 was specifically designed for modern in-line muzzleloaders with sealed ignition systems using standard 209 shotshell primers. Follow link for the latest information on compatible rifles. Last edited by Overkill45; 01/25/14. Re: Blackhorn 209 in my Knight [Re: Overkill45] #8511311 01/25/14:
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Jan 01, 2013 · As for storage and safety, BP can be set off by static charges. use the original container and avoid plastic funnels etc. Brass/aluminium is your friend. In my part of the world 30% humidity is a dry day. I'm guessing that would be rare in AZ. The 3F stuff is fairly violent burning even when it is not contained. 4F is downright scary.

Nov 27, 2011 · I've had the same issue with Blackhorn 209 in my altered 700ML. All I can attribute it to is a comment from Blackhorn where they very clearly explain to expect hangfires if the nipple does not fully enclose the primer, and they provide drawings illustrating examples of several types of nipples, and the one on my rifle looks exactly like the picture of the "bad" example in their literature.

Dec 06, 2019 · For this hunt, I was shooting 120-grains of Blackhorn 209 behind the saboted 300-grain Scorpion PT Gold. The rifle and load would consistently print sub 1-inch groups at 100 yards. With just 20 minutes of legal shooting time left, when this buck ran a big doe into a grassy meadow alongside one of the huge hay fields, I decided to go after it.

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Volume difference between Blackhorn 209 and Black Powder? Werder sporter load; 577 snider with .535 ball in 1.8" 24 guage plastic shotshell powder suggestions? O.E 1 1/2F or 2F for my Sharps 45 ? 25th annual Heffley Creek ( Kamloops BC ) BPCR silhouette match; chart for front aperture; New to black powder cartridge loading; 1855 38-55

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Blackhorn 209 is a revolutionary propellant that is redefining the term "accuracy" in the muzzleloading industry. When used as directed, this high performance powder consistently shoots at higher velocities and with greater precision than any competing propellant. As the ONLY noncorrosive muzzleloading powder, Blackhorn 209 is engineered to eliminate swabbing and cleaning between shots.

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